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Commercial Services

AF’s Commercial Services draws upon the expertise of our established business units
Commercial Services delivers value you to your business by offering bespoke services. These are:

Communications Management - On-site surveying and testing for network and connectivity for AF members.
Charge Card- Credit card available to AF members, improving ease of cash flow, billing and expenses.
Vehicles - AF have terms in place with a variety of manufacturers and dealers across the UK, with up to 40% discount.
Energy Management - Renewable energy and energy management consultancy services for AF members
GrantResource - Helping AF members to find the right funding pot for their business and application facilitation.

Communications Management

At AF, we understand that our members are often in areas of the UK where internet can be almost impossible to receive. With continual technological developments becoming available to your business, we want to enable our members with the facilities to access them.

AF’s Communication Management expert will come to site to asses:
Network and connectivity
Signal strength (mobile and broadband)
4G broadband capability
Potential for fibre optics installation
The needs of your business

We will then be able to advise the best provider and solution for your requirement, be that broadband, wireless, satellite or fibre.

We also offer farm security and vehicle/asset tracking.

Communications Management is an arm of AF’s Commercial Services

If your business could benefit from our Communications Management services, please contacts us via

Charge Card

AF’s Charge Card enables you to manage business spend through your AF account – even if the spend wasn’t made through AF or its suppliers.

Charge Cards can be supplied to your staff removing the need for petty cash and expense claims. Credit limits can be managed per card, allowing varying credit limits on your account.

When used with AF approved suppliers, the card functions as an ID card and items are billed straight to your AF account.
By billing all of your business expenses to your AF account, you will benefit from just one monthly direct debit, giving you ease of administration.

There is no annual card fee (minimum £100 spend per card per annum) and no service charge is applied to purchases from non-AF suppliers.

Charge Card is an arm of AF’s Commercial Services.

If you think Charge Card could benefit your business, contact us today:

What our members think


AF work with both dealerships and manufacturers to offer attractive discounts on the right vehicle for you.

Every year, 500 new vehicles are sourced for AF’s members, with a collective saving of over £1 million.

We can source a full range of vehicles including cars, SUV’s/4x4’s, pick-ups and vans.

To find out more about how we can help you source the right vehicle at the right price, email

Energy Management

AF’s Energy Management services enables members to utilise the ever-developing renewables market.

By investing in renewable energy generation and with the range of options available, you could see returns from the grid immediately.
The experts at AF can assist you in these projects.

AF also offer Energy Management consultancy to members, where you’ll receive an online portal to keep track.

We’ve also negotiated Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for our members, which provides you with an additional income for energy you're not using.

Energy Management is an arm of AF’s Commercial Services

To find out how Energy Management can help you and your business contact us today via


AF’s Grant Resource team is experienced in applying for and evaluating grant applications, and can assess and advise against risk.

We can identify the best grant for your business to apply for. Our consultancy service has a vast knowledge of local, regional and national grants. We have connections with networks such as the Rural Development Programme and Local Enterprise Partnership.

By establishing the right funding pots for our members, AF has forged itself an exceptional success rate.
The team work proactively with members to help them identify potential projects and investments that could attract grant funding. We save you time and money by contacting the relevant funding agencies to ensure that eligibility criteria is met before an application is made.

Grant Resource is an arm of AF’s Commercial Services.

Contact the Grant Resource team to discuss grants available to your business -

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