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AF Commercial Services

Commercial support to develop your business
At AF we recognise the fast-paced and volatile nature of the agricultural industry, which is why we have developed AF Commercial Services, adding value and benefit to your membership.
This is a further support mechanism for members and their businesses, to help to ensure your business remains sustainable for the long term.
AF Commercial Services currently incorporates AF services GrantResource, Energy Management, Mobile & Broadband Tech Support, Vehicles and Charge card, as well as collaborating with other AF business units to develop areas where there is potential for growth.


AF’s grant funding consultancy service has a vast knowledge of local, regional and national grants from a wide range of sources across all industry sectors.
The team is hugely experienced in applying for and evaluating grant applications and are supported by AF’s wealth of industry knowledge.
AF GrantResource members are made aware of the grant funding streams that are relevant to their business and are provided the information in an easy to understand and jargon free manner.
The team also work proactively with members to help them identify potential projects and investments that could attract grant funding, and also make contact with the relevant funding agencies to ensure that all the relevant eligibility criteria are met before an application is made.
The way the unique AF GrantResource application service is structured removes a large element of the risk from the business when applying for grants and proves to be a very cost-effective way of working with a consultancy.

Energy Management

Mobile & Broadband Tech Support


AF Vehicles sources over 500 new vehicles for members each year and has numerous contacts throughout the UK dealer network. AF’s manufacturer agreements make it a very attractive opportunity, collectively saving members over £1m every year on a range of vehicles including cars, SUV’s/4x4’s, pick-ups and vans.

Charge card

The AF Charge Card is a convenient tool for managing your business spend through your AF account. By billing all your business expenses to your AF account, you will benefit from just one monthly direct debit.

For more information visit our Charge Card page:

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