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Moving forward with communications post-lockdown

19 August, 2020
Moving Forward
With the relaxation of government ordered closures and stay at home guidelines, businesses have been ramping up in readiness. Many have reopened or are preparing to reopen soon.

Allowing employees safely back into the workplace and considering changing operating models is a key focus for businesses. Organisations ranging from farming, construction, retail, education, finance and manufacturing are using elevated skin temperature detection as part of their health and safety measures. This is in place to protect staff and their customers.
An elevated temperature could be a sign of COVID-19.
Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) is an indicator of potential health issues.

CAT offer a temperature screening smartphone which is simple to use, cost effective, and immediately available. The National Physical Lab in the UK, have rigorously tested the device and endorsed its accuracy to be fit for purpose as a mass screening device for COVID-19.
In 2016, the CAT S60 was the first smartphone in the world to integrate a thermal imaging camera. It’s a handheld and ideal to discretely monitor entrances, queues, public transport vehicles, and communal areas. It’s also useful to monitor environments where a fixed location camera is not practical for mobile patrols.

They offer tripod mounting - ideal for reception desks, security gates and other controlled entrance ways. 4G LTE & Wi-Fi connectivity makes it simple to stream everything to a control room.

SAF/EST is a mobile app developed specifically for use with the Cat® S60/61 device. Real-time alerts sent by email, SMS or WhatsApp enable fast response.
Leased Line Services
Leased lines are the fastest secure internet connections available. They provide a dedicated internet connection. The speed they run at is yours 100% of the time. No more sharing your allocation within the network with others and no more dips in performance at peak times!

Our leased line services start from as little as £199.00 per month.
Collaborative Working
Solutions that offer instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, and file sharing all in one application for both mobile & desktop devices have never been as widely used. With many considering making home working the ‘norm’ (not to mention the need to ensure that your DR plan is robust and future proof in case of a similar situation in the future), we have a range of solutions for every budget.

Horizon Collaborate

Gamma’s cloud-based Horizon Collaborate offers instant messaging, presence, voice, video, desktop and application sharing, and document sharing. It enables users to access business communications and collaboration services from their favourite devices – wherever they are.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
This is the flexible, cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans. Many businesses already use Skype for Business. However, Skype for Business Online is being retired in 2021 with Microsoft pushing hard to get users to transition to Teams. In addition to Skype functions such as instant messaging, screen sharing and web conferencing, Teams adds centralised chat/collaboration, persistent chat and much more.

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