Are you aware of the cost implications of using mobile data abroad?

03 June, 2019
Prior to travelling, please remember to check your mobile tariff to ensure that you are activated for roaming abroad. You can use your UK Tariff in EU Zones as you would in the UK at no extra roaming charges. In EU Zones you will be charged for excess data at the UK rates, and if you exceed your tariff allowance this can quickly add up to a large bill. However when travelling outside of the UK, please be aware that data charges can be very high, and depending on your zone of travel can be as much as £9.78 per MB.
The AF Telecoms team can discuss the area of travel and give best advice about using data and options of bolt-ons to reduce costs.
Some of the networks and partner networks abroad do send text notifications, however these are not guaranteed as the UK is reliant on the foreign network partner to deliver these alerts, so please monitor your own data usage by downloading a data monitoring app. You can contact AF Telecoms for a copy of our Data Monitoring Guide.
For iPhone users, ensure that you switch Wi-Fi-assist off, as if you are in an area of poor Wi-Fi, your phone will revert to using mobile data resulting in very high charges.
We also recommend to not opt out of any text notifications about data usage or data caps, as you will be held legally liable for high charges incurred.
If travelling on a ferry or cruise please note that Maritime Data is not free Wi-Fi, you will be charged between £6-£9.78 per MB for using the ships maritime/satellite data services. If you are waiting to board the ship please be aware that as you are in close proximity to the ship you may link to their Maritime Wi-Fi network at these high charges.
If you do not switch your data roaming off then your phone may be running updates in the background using data without you being aware.
Please be vigilant about where you are travelling and what the costs are of using your smartphone/tablet/iPad abroad. We have seen fairly horrific bills incurred by members opting out of alerts/data caps and also members assuming that they are in an EU zone.
Members have also accessed large volumes of data via mobile network whilst assuming that they are on a hotel/foreign Wi-Fi that then drops out intermittently.
You are obligated to know how to use your smartphone/equipment abroad and to access information prior to travel for the costs of using data in worldwide zones. Please enjoy your trips abroad by obtaining the knowledge and best advice to minimise cost and risk prior to travel.

For more information contact our Telecoms team on 01603 881909.

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