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Is Openreach improving connectivity?

09 December, 2019
Openreach, the UK’s digital network, are trialing a range of new tools and techniques, to upgrade rural communities to faster, more reliable and future-proof broadband technology.

According to recent government statistics, around 11 million people in the UK (approximately 17% of
the population) live in rural areas. Engineers will be deploying full fibre to upgrade 50,000 homes and businesses in villages and market towns.

Openreach is on track to achieve its full fibre build target of reaching four million homes and businesses by the end of March 2021. It’s currently passing around 22,000 premises a week with fibre – that’s one every 28 seconds!
Openreach aims to reach 15 million premises and the majority of the UK by the mid-2020s - if the right investment conditions are in place.

Digital connectivity is vital to the success of evolving farm diversification enterprises. Health and Safety is another essential part of Farm Business Management - better mobile connectivity is imperative to lessen the risk for vulnerable workers.

Security on farms via CCTV requires digital connectivity and protects workers, livestock and assets. Without adequate fibre “backhaul”, mobile phone operators are unable to provide high speed connectivity. So, the roll-out of mobile connectivity is intertwined with fibre rollout.
In many rural areas, the current levels of broadband are stifling innovation and productivity.

Precision farming, GPS and other machine to machine (M2M) technology relies on mobile networks to work and enhance efficiency gains. The rollout of 5G, albeit slower in reaching rural areas, is geared up for improving and delivering new forms of M2M communications.

AF recognises our members need to use technology for communication, safety, security and to farm more efficiently.
The Telecoms team at AF can provide information on infrastructure and solutions in your area, as well as any government funding available. Contact the telecoms team via telecoms@theAFgroup.couk or call 01603 881 809
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