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Case Study: Wroxham Home Farm

16 July, 2019
For Andrew Murdo, Farm Manager at Wroxham Home Farm, the requirements for a strong supply partnership are clear:

“The biggest issue when working with other businesses in the supply chain is being able to trust them to deliver what we need competitively,” says Mr Murdo. “We need that trust – to know we’re getting the best deals consistently and reliably. To spend all day phoning around looking for prices would be ridiculous. If we need something, we ring AF, and they’re generally best in price every time. This frees up time, meaning we can spend more energy and attention where it matters: on getting the work done and ensuring strong results on farm.”

Wroxham Home Farm in numbers
  • 2250 ha
  • 200ha of potatoes
  • 200ish ha of OSR
  • 450ha of winter barley
  • 200ha spring barley
  • 250ha wheat
  • 50ha beans
  • 140ha sugar beet
  • Andrew Murdo
    Working closely with other businesses in the supply chain can go beyond a simple transactional relationship. For Mr Murdo, who has worked with the AF Group for nearly 30 years, the ability to place his trust in AF’s results has freed up time and resources. Instead of scouting around for the lowest price, that trust allows him to let a trusted business partner fulfil that requirement. Time is a limited resource when managing a farm – a trusted partnership helps redirect that time towards more productive means.

    In addition to the planned purchase offering to minimise disruption and ensure consistent pricing, Mr Murdo has also been able to make use of additional benefits, such as an annual business strategy meeting and electronic invoicing.

    “The electronic invoicing system works well – it saves tedious trawling through millions of bits of paper,” says Mr Murdo. “Ultimately the partnership and strategic support that we receive lets us focus on our own business, which is what we want to be doing.”

    “Stronger links in the supply chain doesn’t have to mean we’re in each other’s pockets. Working with AF means a consistent support and service that we require. Why waste time and resources doing everything on your own when you can build a connection that ultimately delivers more value for your business?”

    How can your business benefit from supply chain partnerships?

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