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Brexit is a huge unknown, but opportunities do exist

08 July, 2019
Whatever your political views, one thing is clear: British farming faces huge uncertainty due to Brexit. With very little clarity given on what form exactly Brexit will take – or what a post-Brexit agriculture sector will look like - never mind what the next few years hold.
Nobody knows what exactly will happen but, assuming we do indeed leave the EU as expected, British farmers will no longer be under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This has subsidised farming in EU states since 1962, and until the new Agriculture Bill is passed there is little clarity beyond the current commitment to 2021.

While this is understandably worrying for many farmers who rely on the CAP as a safety net for their business, others will be driven to offer better services and quality in order to remain competitive.
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Whatever happens and whatever form it may take, change is coming. As with all change, there are risks and opportunities.

Minette Batters – President of the NFU – addressed those opportunities for innovation following Brexit in her speech to the 2019 Norfolk Farmer’s Conference: “We live in extraordinary times. Never before has the business of farming faced such uncertainty… This is a time of enormous risk, but it’s also about change and opportunity. It’s right and proper that we plan for our future.”
At this same conference George Freeman, Member of Parliament for Mid-Norfolk, highlighted technology’s role in driving productivity and called for a greater movement towards precision farming. Mr Freeman offered a passionate advocation of the role technology can play in improving traceability and productivity in the post-Brexit landscape. Indeed, his comments even suggested that with the right strategies, we could be at the beginning of a very exciting time in agriculture: “British agriculture, with innovation, could be at the heart of a very exciting British bioscience and bioeconomy sector.”
Leading voices in the agricultural community are clear: Brexit is a huge unknown, but opportunities do exist. Don’t let Brexit fatigue leave you defenceless. This is the time to take stock of your strategy, align yourself with strong partners, and implement a strategy that is forward-looking, innovative, and collaborative. Whatever happens with Brexit – and as anxiety-inducing as the climate can be currently – opportunities do exist for those who seize them.

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