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AF gives back £1m to its members

10 January, 2019
AF has reiterated its commitment to its members by announcing that we will be returning £300,000 to them in the form of a general rebate. This is a first for AF and is a testament to our renewed focus on our members’ needs as well as the result of our strong financial performance.
AF CEO Jon Duffy said: “Throughout 2018 we advised members to get “business fit” to help prepare their business for whatever disruption may come their way. The actions we have taken over the last 18 months means AF has practiced what it’s preached and is now agile, fit and strengthened for the future. This has been reflected in our financial performance which has allowed us to return a share of our profits and reward our committed members for the first time ever.”

On top of the £300,000 in general rebates, members will receive a further £700,000 through product rebates, resulting in a total return of £1m. Mr Duffy said: “2019 will be much the same from AF in terms of focus, commitment and excellence for our members. The value of AF membership has never been greater and we will continue to work hard throughout 2019 to ensure we increase that value even further.”

To discuss AF membership simply fill out an enquiry form via this website or call our membership team on 01603 881 881.
AF Group CEO Jon Duffy
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