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Long life fencing options, are they worth the premium?

30 April, 2019
Stock Fencing, time to go High Tensile?
Mild steel stock fencing has traditionally been the most popular stock fencing material across the UK. This is down to both price and familiarity, rather than effectiveness.
High tensile stock fencing offers a much greater tensile strength, and when installed correctly can offer far superior resistance to stretching and breaking. This is combined with the added benefit of needing to use fewer intermediate posts to keep the fences tension.
Although high tensile options can look initially more expensive, when combined with fewer needed posts and greater resistance to breakages and stretching, it is the more sensible option.
If you are unsure on what you currently use, the simple way to check is to look at the letter at the start of your stock fencing. For example C8-80-15 would be constructed from mild steel whereas HT8-80-15 would be the high tensile version.
Creosote update
The HSE has now authorised for creosote to be used on livestock fencing up until 29th March 2021. This was initially set to change in October. At present, beyond 2021 creosote usage will stop.
While creosote is still slightly more expensive than other treatments such as class 4, it does come with a life expectancy exceeding 25 years. When compared with class 4’s 15 year desired life, the price difference soon disappears.

Don’t forget your sundries

It’s easy to consider the big parts of any fencing job, but many fail to consider the importance of good quality sundries. Any stock fence will only be as strong as its weakest link. With this in mind always be sure to used barbed staples, these will be sure to hold the fencing taught and won’t work loose like a straight staple. It’s also important not to drive them in too hard against the stock net, doing so could damage the galvanising and lead to a premature failure of your fence.
So, for a long lasting fence consider combining creosoted posts, high tensile fencing with good quality sundries. It may all sound simple, but when you’re building a fence you want it to last.

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