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Are winter tyres worth the cost?

22 November, 2018
It is estimated only 3% of car owners in Britain have winter tyres fitted.
Manufacturers say drivers are better off with winter tyres whenever the temperature dips below 7C. They are made of a different rubber compound and tread pattern, and a higher silica content which makes them softer, so they grip the road better and allow you to safely brake on snow and ice.

Tyre maker Continental says that a car travelling at 31 mph will take 43 meters (141 ft) to stop on snow using standard tyres, but just 35 meters (115 ft) when fitted with winter tyres.

“Snow and ice send the accident rate rocketing in the UK, with one in four drivers involved in a motor accident in snowy or icy conditions” says Business Development Manager Ben Gray, from Bush Tyres. “Winter tyres are designed to offer optimum traction and grip in cold conditions. They have a softer compound, along with deeper grooves and narrow cuts, called sipes, built into the tread. These features help disperse water/snow, and allow the rubber to move around, improving contact with the road”.

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