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Is your waste service a bit rubbish?

09 February, 2020

Waste was a frequent topic in the news for much of 2019 and this trend already looks set to continue for 2020. As we as a nation move towards a greener future, the eyes of the country have justifiably turned to how we deal and dispose of our own country’s waste. This movement has been seen in many other nations around the world. The global shift towards a greener future has had a number of effects on the UK - both on a larger scale and all the way down to the single bin user.

2020 looks set to see continued pressures on the waste industry. Prices are set to rise an average of 5%, while certain waste steams far more than this. We are going through a very real global shift in both attitude and approach to waste. Now is the time to ensure yours is handled by a focused, professional team, with an eye on the waste market.

Throughout 2019, AF’s General Supplies team has worked hard to ensure that we have a variety of ways to support your waste disposal.

Waste Types

General Waste (GW) - Any non-hazardous, non-recyclable waste.
Suggested service – Contracted bin, skips.

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) – Any dry, clean recyclable material. This includes most types of farm plastic and cardboard.
Suggested service – Contracted bin, farm scheme.

Hazardous – Anything from old chemicals, asbestos, fridges & freezers through to oil, filters and waste fuel.
Suggested service – Specialized chemical collections, sealed skips, waste oil tanker collections.

Other – Other waste streams include: WEEE (electricals), Food waste, green waste (garden) and one-off, specialist jobs.
Suggested service – Tailored to the job in question.
Contracted services
A bin or skip is delivered to your site and then emptied on an agreed frequency or on request. These can be for either general waste, recycling or food waste.

Skips can be delivered across the UK in a variety of sizes and are perfect for one-off jobs. They can be delivered as and when needed, with time scales adjusted to suit. Standard skips are available for general waste, builders waste and green waste. Specialist options are also available.

Farm schemes
AF works with farm-specific waste service providers, who specialise in dealing with farm plastics. These schemes work well if you are able to segregate your plastics, bag them up and store them, ready for a yearly collection.

One-off collections can be arranged for old chemicals, oil, asbestos and… anything else! We can also arrange for a waste service for certain time periods, be it an event or a busy period.

No matter the waste you have, AF can look for the available options.

Contracted bins - the easy option?

Setting yourself up with a regular waste service through AF ensures that you don’t have rubbish building up on site, whilst also protecting yourself from the volatile price fluctuations witnessed in 2019. Contracts can be tailored to your own requirements, with collections set to what you need, be it weekly, fortnightly, monthly, on demand or for set periods of the year. There are many bin and container sizes available for both general waste and recycling. If you have space for a bin on your site, they can prove to be both a cheap and efficient way of dealing with your waste.

Using our supplier base we can arrange a contracted service across 95% of the country.

Key features

No rental fees
Audit compliant
Discounted lift rates
Bespoke contracts
Fixed pricing
Multiple waste streams, General Waste, Recycling, food
Multiple bin sizes
Single point of contact
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