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Helping you understand and manage the impact of energy price increases

08 August, 2018
Wholesale market and industry charges are reflecting between 35-50% increases, compared to prices in 2015/16
These dramatic increases, which have affected all sectors including commercial and domestic, highlight the importance of AF as we explore the options for future contracts whilst still delivering the security of fully delivered, fully fixed prices

While wholesale energy costs are affected by many unpredictable factors, making it difficult to forecast whether they will go up or down, it is far more certain that non-commodity costs will rise. In 2017/2018 alone, various levies, including the Renewables Obligation (RO) Levy and the Climate Change Levy (CCL), coupled with carbon floor costs, will add around £41/MWh (4.1p/KWh) to an energy bill.

Furthermore, recent research has calculated that UK organisations combined can expect to have paid an extra £7.42 billion on their energy costs by 2019 if they don’t take action to manage their consumption.
The graph opposite shows the breakdown of the annual non-energy components, and indicates that these will potentially continue to increase through to April 2021.

AF Energy can help you optimise your energy purchasing and mitigate rising costs. Call us to discuss.
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