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Spring Barley – key options based on AF member purchases

01 November, 2019
Spring Barley – key options based on AF member purchases
Please see below our top 5 suggestions for your spring barley. Given the autumn conditions to date, demand for spring barley seed will be high, so please book your requirements early.
Variety: RGT Planet
Breeder: RAGT

Description: Planet is the number one official spring barley on the planet! It is a 2 row spring barley variety which has proved to be a consistent performer, with a good specific weight of 68.3kg/hl. It’s stiff and plentiful straw, alongside generally good disease resistance, has extended its interest to growers with livestock, whilst offering EU export market opportunities, and having full MBC approval for brewing.

Variety: LG Diablo
Breeder: Limagrain

Description: Diablo is the second highest yielding variety on the 2019/20 recommended list, having demonstrated highest yields in the north of the UK. It brings with it a strong agronomic profile with a high resistance to mildew. Diablo has a ripening score of +2, relatively stiff straw which is resistant to brackling alongside good quality grain, with a high specific weight of 67.6kg/hl and a high hot water extract value of 315.2 l deg/kg.

Variety: Laureate
Breeder: Syngenta

Description: Laureate as a variety has full MBC approval for brewing and malt distilling, which is gaining popularity within markets, including for English brewing. Laureate has consistent performance over all regions with a decent specific weight, and relatively low screenings of 1.3% though 2.25mm. In addition it offers stiff straw at a height of 71cm, with high resistance to brackling and is said to hold around 35% share of the UK spring barley market.

Variety: Propino
Breeder: Syngenta

Description: Propino is a key spring barley variety, grown widely throughout the UK since 2010! This variety offers low screenings of 0.8% through 2.25mm, and a strong agronomic package, however it is weaker on mildew, and now slightly lower yielding than some of the newer alternative options on the list, such as Planet and Laureate.

Variety: Cosmopolitan *NEW*
Breeder: Senova (Sejet) – Limited availability for this Spring.

Description: Cosmopolitan is new to the AHDB recommended list this year, entering as the highest yielding spring barley, with a fungicide grain yield at 106% of the treated control. Its highest yields have been seen in the East region, bringing with it a solid agronomic package of a 5 for Brown Rust, 6 for Rynchosporium, and mlo resistance to mildew. It displays short, stiff straw and a maturity similar to Laureate. This variety is under testing for MBC malting approval.
Other Varieties are available, including:
  • Concerto
  • KWS Irina
  • LG Tomohawk – recommended for the west.
  • Westminster
  • Contact the Crop Production team to order yours today: 01603 881991

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