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Life without Chlorothalonil (CTL)

24 July, 2019
So we keep talking about chlorothalonil, you may know it as Bravo, but what is it actually all about?
It is another chemical active used within the crop protection industry which has recently undergone revocation. The process meaning it will no longer be legally registered to be sold for use within the UK.
CTL is a nonsystemic fungicide, which is foliar acting with some protectant properties. It works by preventing the germination of spores and those facilitating plant infection. Products containing this active have been very influential to disease resistance programmes, due to being a multi-site active which combats numerous diseases in a very wide range of crops since its introduction in 1964. CTL has great efficacy against Septoria, a very influential disease to yields which favours our UK climate, and also Ramularia in Barley.
There has been a phased implementation of withdrawal, with the dates as follows,
  • 20th November 2019, last date for the sale and distribution
  • 20th May 2020 last date for the disposal, storage and use of existing stocks

    If CTL is required within your spray programme, it needs to be ordered now. Supply is likely to diminish as we approach the sell out date.
  • The loss of this active creates concern in regard to influencing the increase of resistance against other modes of action, particularly in the case of Septoria. The alternatives are currently limited, inclusive of Folpet, which is set to be the main alternative multi-site option, but at an increased cost. New products are on the horizon, set to come to the UK market in 2020, such as Revysol from BASF and Inatreq from Corteva. These new actives have good activity on Septoria, however they are single site and therefore they will need to be carefully managed to reduce the potential for resistance.

    It will be important for growers to make use of CTL in 2020 whilst they still have the opportunity to do so and before the last date for sale and distribution. It will also be important to consider cultural controls, inclusive of drilling dates and varietal choice! Think of variety selection as laying down a foundation to your fungicide programme, utilising all the tools in the tool box.

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