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From AF CEO Jon Duffy

AF Business Update

Four candles or handles for forks? The iconic Two Ronnies’ sketch plays brilliantly on how communication can go wrong. Messer’s Barker and Corbett play the part so well; unfortunately poor communication, whether amongst mates, in the family, or within a business can have very serious effects.
If you haven’t heard it, look up the conversation between the US aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and what they thought was a ship in their way. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t heard it but it clearly demonstrates that by repeating over and over again one sides view is just poor communication. The clip is brilliant, it should be compulsive viewing for all who are involved in the current Brexit debacle.

At AF we are always trying to improve our communication with our members – but communication is two-way. We are always seeking feedback so we can improve our service. Some of the most insightful feedback has been when we have, somehow, fallen short of expectations. Such feedback allows us to take immediate action if appropriate and, more importantly, change our ongoing processes. Good communication allows constant improvement.
One promise I will make is that AF will remain a people-based organisation. Yes we will keep on investing in smart digital technology that allows us to transact efficiently but we will also still have people on the end of a phone.

As we speak we are starting to plan the autumn roadshows where we can directly update members on what is happening in their business, hear your views directly, and hopefully provide some external speakers who can add value to your business approach.

We are relentlessly driving this business forward and with great communication we can continue to build AF for the better.
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