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Due to our purchasing power, our members benefit not only from professional advice but receive the best possible rates. Saving you hours of work, thanks to our back office support, we ensure your business stays ahead, as we deliver and continue to develop innovative services.

Save money

Think of any typical expenditure in your business and it is likely that we can reduce the cost. On average, you can expect to save more than £75 per hectare on the main farm inputs.

Strategic purchasing

Boost your business with our strategic purchasing approach to procurement, including successful forward purchasing schemes for fuel and agrochemicals. Our specialist buyers are recruited from the industry that they represent and because they carefully follow the markets, they are well placed to help you make informed decisions.

Save time

We save you time by simplifying your administration and delivering the help you need when making a purchase. In short, we free you up from spending time in the office so you can get on with farming.


Membership tailored to you

There are two membership categories to choose from which are supported by an annual fee and levy on purchases made:

Full membership

This is the main category of membership for farming businesses who become shareholders, holding 50 x £1 shares. This membership is suitable for farming or rural businesses who will commit to buying their full annual requirement on at least two main product groups. These product groups include; crop inputs and agronomy fees, livestock feed and vets fees, liquid fuel, and LPG and solid fuel.

Associate membership

This membership is suitable for rural businesses who will not be buying large quantities of the main agricultural inputs. Although Associate members will benefit from the same buying power as full members on other products. Associate members become shareholders, holding 20 x £1 shares.

For more information or to arrange a no-obligation farm visit from our Member Engagement Managers contact 01603 881 881 or email

Not an agricultural business? Find out more about joining our subsidiary company Affinity.