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The rising cost of insulation

2017 has been a very testing time for the insulation industry. Due to a lack of materials at the beginning of the year prices increased dramatically as demand outweighed supply.

Further prices came into effect in the early part of the summer before the industry was found itself at the centre of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire. This horrific event was accelerated by the insulation and cladding on the outside of the building failing. Accordingly, this proved a massive wake up call for the industry with far reaching effects, including all fire rated insulation being retested.

In some cases these tests resulted in some of the insulation failing to meet the required regulations. This resulted in a recall of certain products as well as the withdrawal of others. Whilst this process is still ongoing, a further increase is about to come into effect which will see prices rise by approximately 15-20%. Along with the increase in pricing, lead times are also expected to extend.

If you have any insulation requirements or need any information in regard to any existing or future projects please contact the AF Building Supplies team on 01603 881 843.

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