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Nokia 3310 - Product review by AF Tech Support specialist Michael Simnett

The much anticipated Nokia 3310 has received a lot of hype at the various tech shows this year with many expressing interest in buying. Indeed we have seen quite a few members sign up to receive the new device once it has been released.

It is worth noting that this is a basic device with only 2G capabilities and a gsm signal, so it's not as sophisitcated in terms of capabilites compared to the modern smartphone.

The first tricky part was removing the rear cover. I had to use quite a lot of force to remove it which felt alien. However, once I installed the sim card the handset felt light to hold without sacrificing screen size. It is different to the old 3310 in that it doesn't feel clunky and the colour screen adds an element of personality. 

Delving into the set up of the device, transferring contacts from one handset to the other is easy as long as you can transfer via bluetooth on your old device.

The Nokia 3310 is easy to navigate and most people will feel comfortable using it. However, it will be particularly appealing to those who are less technically proficient.

If you’re after a basic handset with 2G only network capability then the Nokia 3310 2017 would be a safe buy.

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