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Why you should consider travel insurance for staycations

Travelling always carries some level of personal risk. That’s the reason smart travellers take out appropriate insurance when they head for foreign lands. However, far fewer of us consider taking out travel insurance when holidaying at home in the UK, even though there's plenty of scope for mishaps. Needless to say, you might be just as glad to have the security that comprehensive travel insurance provides in Bognor Regis or Great Yarmouth, as you would be in Berlin or on the Great Wall of China.

Falling ill on staycation

You won't need insurance to get medical treatment should you be injured or fall ill while on holiday in the UK. However, if you're unfortunate enough to be hospitalised, have to go home early or need to cancel your holiday altogether, you might lose money on pre-booked hotel rooms or train tickets. Travel insurance would allow you to claim back those losses.

Insuring valuable items

Items you take with you may be covered against loss, damage or theft under the terms of your home insurance policy, but don't assume this is automatically the case. You should check your policy and make sure that you have cover away from your home.

Unexpected travel disruption

With British hotel charges and rail fares being as expensive, if not more so, than those abroad, it's worth having a travel insurance policy that covers the curtailment or cancellation of your break. As well as illness or injury, you can also arrange travel insurance for other reasons. For instance, if you’re unable to travel because of the death of a close relative or you’ve been called for jury service.

Cancelled trains, missed connections, extreme weather, fire and flooding can also lead to your holiday being disrupted. While in some cases your consumer rights may cover you, and the train company or hotel may offer compensation, you'll generally not receive a refund if the disruption happened due to events outside their control.

Find the right policy for your UK holiday

Annual travel insurance may seem like the best value, but not all general policies cover you for travel in your home country, and there may be specific exclusions. It's always best to look at the most likely risks in your particular circumstances and to choose a policy accordingly.

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