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AF Charge Card

While we have a very wide range of suppliers, there are times when our members need to purchase materials elsewhere. Therefore, we introduced the AF Charge Card, so that purchases with non AF suppliers can still be charged to members AF account, simplifying their accounting an administration. Using the card also entitles members to exclusive offers with leading companies.

Members top five business spends using the AF Charge Card:

  1. Fuel stations
  2. Government services, including the DVLA and HM Revenues and Customs
  3. Transport and travel, including airlines, hotels, parking, train tickets, car hire, taxis and travel agencies
  4. Vehicle servicing and repairs
  5. Wholesalers, including Booker & Makro

AF PRomote

The AF PRomote team can help raise the profile of your existing or new business; from websites, logos, leaflets, signage to stationary.

Delivering first-class communications from our highly skilled team of agricultural marketing strategists, writers, designers and web developers to make sure your message is seen by the right people, with the right message, and the right marketing, at the right time.

AF GrantResource

AF's GrantResource service is working with members throughout the UK to identify opportunities for their business, ensuring they are aware of all of the grant schemes that are available, while helping to translate the jargon from the information provided.

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In order to give our members quick and easy access to their AF account we have a cutting-edge online portal. This is where our members go for everything from checking real time order information and invoices to reading the latest market information and industry updates. Members can even check an online directory and submit electricity readings online.